When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

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The best time to visit Las Vegas depends on how well you can handle the heat. From May to October, the Las Vegas weather can be summed up in one word: hot. Or maybe to add an adjective: very hot. Temperatures average in the 100 F range and can get as high as 117 F in late July and August. The rest of the year is mild, with temperatures rarely getting below the 40 F-to-60 F range in the winter and hovering at a comfortable 70 F to 85 F in the spring. The city boasts more than 300 sunny days a year and very little precipitation. Since the casinos, hotels, malls, meeting venues, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues are heavily air conditioned, you’ll easily forget the scorching desert heat outside. Just be sure to have another layer ready for those rooms where they’re keeping their temps in the 60s.

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Unless you’re used to temps of 100-plus, you might not want to visit Las Vegas in the summer. You’ll probably want to take a trip to Sin City in April or May right before things really start to heat up. If you go in October, expect temperatures in the high ’70s and ’80s, but if you wait until December or January, pack a sweater and a coat because the temperature usually drops to the high 30s at night. Pool season kicks off at the end of March/early April, so if you're bikini ready, be sure to come then for some fun in the desert sun!

Anytime from about late April to late October. But I'm a glutton for hot weather. I really, really love the hot weather. If you're not as big of a fan of the hot weather as I am, spring or fall. You can get the top down on your car or go out on your motorcycle, go hiking. Las Vegas really has a lot to offer besides just sitting in front of a slot machine. Getting outside, there's so much to offer. Again, in the spring, the weather is just starting to break and get warmer and warmer. For me, turn it up to 115 and get me poolside.

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It depends if you like crowds or not. If you don't like crowds, the first two weeks in December. If you like to be in the thick of it, I'd say the first week in June, when it's just starting to get warm. Everybody's out in their lighter clothes and there's a lot of good people watching. 

March is definitely the best time of year to visit Las Vegas. The weather is perfect.

I would say when it’s not quite so hot, so the spring and the fall seasons. But fall has a tendency to a little bit more gray because that’s when the clouds come in and hang.  There are parts in the fall that are amazing. Summer is too hot; and the winter, it actually gets kind of chilly.

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